Escape to Ireland’s Wild West: Cliffs of Moher, the Burren, & Galway

Seeking a taste of Ireland's rugged beauty and vibrant culture, all in a single day? Get ready for an unforgettable adventure! This action-packed day tour from Dublin takes you to the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way, showcasing the iconic Cliffs of Moher, the otherworldly Burren, and the charming city of Galway.

Why This Tour is a Must-Do

Iconic Ireland:

Experience the raw power of the Cliffs of Moher, soaring 700 feet above the crashing Atlantic waves. These dramatic cliffs have been a source of inspiration for centuries, featuring in countless myths and legends. Standing at the edge, you'll almost feel like you can touch the clouds. Keep an eye out for playful puffins nesting in the cliffside during the spring and summer months. But the Cliffs of Moher aren't just a scenic wonder; they're also a haven for wildlife. Over 200 species of birds call the cliffs home, including peregrine falcons, gannets, and guillemots. If you're lucky, you might even spot dolphins or whales frolicking in the waters below.

Lunar Landscapes:

Explore the Burren, a unique limestone landscape formed over 350 million years ago, during a time when Ireland was submerged by a tropical sea. Today, the Burren is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized for its exceptional geological and ecological value. The Burren's vast expanse of fissured limestone pavement, known as "The Flaggy Floor," is unlike anything you'll find elsewhere in Ireland. Yet, beneath this seemingly barren surface lies a surprising abundance of life. Over 75% of Ireland's native flora can be found here, including delicate wildflowers that thrive in the cracks of the limestone. The Burren is also home to a wealth of archaeological treasures. Scattered across the landscape are ancient megalithic tombs like the Poulnabrone Dolmen, a portal tomb dating back to 3,200 BC. These megaliths are a testament to the ingenuity and culture of Ireland's prehistoric inhabitants.


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City Charm:

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Galway, a cultural hub known for its friendly locals, colorful shopfronts, and the infectious rhythm of traditional Irish music spilling from its pubs. Designated a European Capital of Culture in 2020, Galway is a vibrant city that pulsates with creativity. Wander the charming medieval streets and soak up the city's unique atmosphere. Explore the bustling shops at Quay Street, featuring local crafts, art galleries showcasing the works of talented Irish artists, and traditional Irish knitwear shops where you can find the perfect Aran sweater. No visit to Galway is complete without experiencing its world-renowned nightlife. Head to a traditional pub and be welcomed by the warmth of a crackling fire and the lively sounds of Irish folk music. Galway is also a haven for foodies, offering an abundance of fresh seafood and delicious local cuisine.

  • Hassle-Free Travel: Sit back and relax on a comfortable coach while enjoying captivating stories and insights from your guide.

Your Adventure Itinerary

  • Be whisked away from the hustle of Dublin, heading west through the picturesque Irish countryside.
  • Stretch your legs at a traditional Irish rest stop (think: fresh scones and steaming coffee!).
  • Prepare to be awestruck as we arrive at the Cliffs of Moher. Walk along the cliff edge, feeling the invigorating sea spray – be sure to watch for dolphins and whales in the waters below!
  • Next, journey into the Burren. This fascinating landscape feels like another planet with its vast limestone pavements. Learn about the ancient history hidden within its stone formations.
  • Cruise along the Wild Atlantic Way, where the untamed Atlantic Ocean crashes against dramatic shores.
  • Your final stop is Galway, where you'll have time to wander the cobblestone streets, admire the Spanish Arch, browse artisan shops, meander along the waterfront, and perhaps enjoy a hearty seafood meal and a pint in a cozy pub with live music.

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